September 18, 2013

Community Conversation on Affordable Housing

A community meeting was held on Thursday, September 12th at the Greene Community Center in Guilford on the subject of affordable housing. The purpose of the meeting was be to explore strategies and opportunities for bringing more affordable housing to shoreline communities to meet the diverse needs of different age groups and income levels. Read here about the event as reported in the New Haven Register.

The meeting was co-sponsored by the East Shore League of Women Voters and The Guilford Foundation. It will feature David Fink, Policy Director of Partnership for Strong Communities, and a panel including Liza Janssen Petra, Executive Director of the Guilford Foundation; Peggy Britt, Executive Director of the Women and Family Live Center; George Kral, Guilford Town Planner; and Seila Mosquera, Executive Director of Neighborworks. They will discuss past challenges, current needs and future opportunities in expanding the options for affordable housing.

Affordable housing is a largely misunderstood need that most people share in some manner. Empty-nesters may seek more options to remain in a community where they have developed a lifetime of attachments. They may also wish for more opportunities for their children to remain close to them as adults. Business managers may seek housing that supports a diverse workforce needed to meet the community’s various needs. Community sustainability and stability improves with community diversity. Affordable housing is a critical ingredient of social and economic sustainability.


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