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Building A Strong Community
Through Philanthropy

Making a difference in the community now and in the future.

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Get To Know The Guilford Foundation

Meet the engaged community members who make our work possible.

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Caring For Our Community

Learn how we enrich the quality of life in Guilford, Connecticut.

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Making Funding Easy

Apply for a grant or sponsorship award.


What We Do

We make philanthropy accessible by connecting donors with community projects they care about. Grants, sponsorship awards, scholarships and leadership initiatives are the ways we invest in our community. As a trusted nonprofit foundation, we serve as a medium between donors and nonprofits to support critical needs and priorities.


Enriching  Our Community

Each year, we use a portion of the income from the endowment fund to grant projects and organizations that work to assist our neighbors and enhance Guilford’s quality of life.



Give Back To Guilford

When you give to The Guilford Foundation, you make a difference by strengthening our community.



Who We Are

We are a standalone nonprofit guided by a group of local residents. Our mission is to improve the quality of life in our town by using invested donor funds to provide grants to local nonprofit organizations, scholarships, and sponsorships. We’re talented, passionate, and innovative members of our community who strive to connect donors with the causes they care about most. Together, we can address Guilford’s ever-changing needs and priorities.



A community foundation is a public charitable organization with a long-term mission of enhancing the quality of life in its community or region. It maintains and administers funds for multiple donors by creating a permanent endowment where the principal is invested and never spent. Foundations use the income for grants, scholarships, sponsorship awards, and other community investments.

An endowment is a perpetual gift in which the principle is rarely spent. The earned income helps meet the community’s charitable needs. A foundation’s assets are typically held in numerous philanthropic funds established by local individuals, families, businesses, or other charitable organizations.

We work with the investment professionals at the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven (CFGNH) to preserve and grow our endowment. TGF’s individual funds are pooled and invested in a diversified portfolio managed by CFGNH.

A community foundation is an independent, tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Most nonprofit organizations have a specific mission (hunger, social services, mental health, affordable housing, special needs, etc.). In contrast, a community foundation’s mission is broad and focused on the needs of a given area. Community foundations support numerous nonprofits in perpetuity through their endowed funds.

The Guilford Foundation (TGF) and Guilford Community Fund raise money through annual appeals to support nonprofits serving the community. The Guilford Community Fund distributes all donations by year-end. The monies raised by TGF are invested and added to the growing endowment with the income used for its annual grantmaking. The Guilford Foundation’s endowment ensures that donations have permanency by continuing to give year after year.

The Guilford Foundation provides grants and sponsorship awards to a wide range of charitable causes. Key impact areas include Arts & Culture; Basic Needs; Community Improvement & Vitality; Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Education & Youth; Environment & Sustainability; Health & Human Services; Housing Stability; and Seniors & Special Needs.

Giving is easy through our online donor portal. We have many options, including making an unrestricted gift that gives TGF the flexibility to use where it is most needed. Donors can also select one of our existing charitable funds created by community members in support of an area of interest or specific nonprofit organization. Additionally, donors can establish their own charitable fund or name The Guilford Foundation in their estate plan (wills, trusts, IRA rollovers, beneficiary designations, and more).

If you are a nonprofit that serves Guilford residents with a program or service that aligns with our priorities, you can apply for an annual grant or a sponsorship award. Visit our grant page to learn about the process and deadlines. 

Note: TGF cannot make grants to individuals, only to qualified nonprofit organizations.

TGF is unique because we are permanent. Our intent is to create a source of funding that will support our Guilford community in perpetuity. Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Guilford now, and for generations to come. We act as a facilitator, advisor, and mediator for area nonprofits as they work together to solve community issues and promote a better life for Guilford residents.

The Guilford Foundations doesn’t give scholarships outright. Many of our charitable funds are designated to provide scholarships for graduating seniors, typically from Guilford High School. The GHS Counseling Department is the intermediary, recommending students for various scholarship funds.  

Direct scholarship questions to GHS Counseling Department by calling (203) 453-2741 ext. 1234. They can provide a list of available scholarships.

Anyone can create a fund supporting causes or organizations for which are meaningful to them or to honor a friend or loved one. The minimum donation to establish a fund is $10,000, which can be given over five years through our Acorn program.

Click here to learn more. 

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