Youth Advisory Group (YAG)

In 2010 The Guilford Foundation and Guilford High School (GHS) Interact Club partnered to form the Youth Advisory Group (YAG) with a goal of fostering and empowering youth philanthropy.

TGF seeded the initiatives with a $5,000 challenge grant. YAG was charged to raise another $5,000.  The students were charged with soliciting, reviewing, and recommending $10,000 to worthy local organizations and projects. 

Fast forward 13 years, YAG has awarded over $126,000 to the community through 84 grants. The Guilford Foundation established a permanent legacy fund for YAG to ensure that resources would exist for this project for years to come. The fund is called the Guilford Interact Student Advisory Fund.  Annually, the YAG students fundraiser to contribute funds to their permanent endowment fund, which is now valued at $61,0000. 

In 2023, YAG funded grants totaling $6,320 to the following recipients:

  • Community Dining Room:  Summer Meals 2023
  • Guilford Center for Children: Tuition Assistance for Early Education and Before and After School Program
  • Guilford Parks and Recreation: School’s Out Fun Box
  • Guilford Social Services: Back to School Program
  • Guilford Women & Family Life Center: Guided Assistance Program
  • Shoreline Arts Alliance: Resume Workshop

In 2016, TGF asked YAG to take on another responsibility: to solicit and review requests for grants that support the high school but fall outside the budget. TGF has a specific fund—The Guilford Institute Fund—for these purposes. In addition to the grants YAG reviews from local community organizations, the members also review the GHS internal grant requests and prepare recommendations to TGF’s Board of Directors for these funds (around $11,000 annually).

To date, YAG has distributed 31 grants totaling $57,000 specifically for the Guilford Institute Fund.  These funds provided seed money for the Science Olympiad, water bottle filling stations, LED fixtures for the music boosters, and more. 

In 2023, YAG supported these causes at the high school:

  • GHS Art Club at Guilford Art Center (this was transferred from YAG)
  • GHS Cheerleading
  • GHS Intern Project for Guilford Keeping Society
  • GHS Project Graduation
  • GHS Symphony Orchestra Young People’s Concert

The Guilford Foundation’s goal is for the YAG members to identify and address issues of importance to the youth in the Guilford community. As part of the process, YAG members learn about the role of a community foundation and all facets of grantmaking, including actively supporting nonprofit organizations serving the Guilford Community.

They elect their own officers, run their own meetings, organize fundraisers, and present grant recommendations to the TGF Board of Directors.

The loftiest goal for this effort is to cultivate the next generation of responsible philanthropists.

Interested in becoming a YAG member?  Send an email to

To support YAG, donate to the Guilford Interact Student Advisory Fund by clicking here.

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