Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle allows donors to demonstrate their long-term commitment to the Foundation’s mission.  Members pledge to include TGF in their estate planning through wills, trusts, IRA’s and life insurance.  The donation provides favorable tax advantages for the estate while helping the Foundation’s important work continue for generations to come.

The donor decides if the gift is designated unrestricted or directed to a field of interest or specific charitable organization.  Additionally, they determine how they want to give whether it’s a stated dollar amount, specific property, percentage of the estate or the remainder after distributions to other beneficiaries. Those decisions can be modified at any time.

Making this type of gift has a significant impact on the Foundation and ensures future opportunities for our vibrant community. Legacy Circle members are recognized in our Impact Report on our website.  These incredible donor stories provide insight and inspiration for so many in our community.

Join the Legacy Circle by contacting the Executive Director, Liza Janssen Petra, at (203) 640-4049.

To view the Statement of Intent document, click here.