January 16, 2023

Community Matters – Three-Year TGF Strategic Plan

As the backdrop of a changing landscape coupled with a growing endowment (reaching $6 million in 2022), The Guilford Foundation (TGF) developed a three-year strategic plan that positions the Foundation to be innovative, proactive, and responsive in meeting community needs.

Executive Director Liza Janssen Petra explained, ” Staying aligned with the issues that matter to the community is essential for our cuss. The strategic planning process gave us critical external input and benchmarking insights to prioritize our focus on areas that will help us make an even bigger impact.”

The key strategic goals for TGF include the following:

1. Community Investment – To improve impact, advance equity, and/or encourage innovative solutions to community challenges and opportunities.
2. Community Leadership – To build upon TGF’s recognized role as a leader and convenor on major community issues and initiatives.
3. Outreach and Marketing – To broaden community awareness of TGF’s work and impact.
4. Financial Resource – To double annual philanthropic resources raised over the next five years.
5. Organizational Capacity – To increase TGF’s capacity to accomplish strategic plan priorities.

Looking forward, TGF will leverage its role as a trusted leader that is responsive to community needs, combining traditional grantmaking with a proactive process that allows for innovation and ways to advance equity.

Take a look at the Q1 2023 issue of Guilford Events magazine to learn more about TGF’s priorities and strategic direction.


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