August 17, 2023

Community Matters – Youth Investment

The Guilford Foundation is doing incredible work in investing in youth and education locally. In fact, in 2022, over $27,000 alone in grants was directed to these important types of programs. The recipients of the grant money include:

Community Nursery School
 recently established an entire outside Nature School where children create field guides, chart maps, explore salt marshes, hike trails, etc. The TGF grant supported their gear closet that allows children to borrow waterproof or windproof clothing.

Guilford Center for Children provides early education for children 3-5 years old. The TGF grant helps with tuition assistance by supporting families that need full-day preschool but can’t afford the expense.

Guilford Social Services coordinates a Back to School Program in which struggling families are given haircuts, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and school supplies to help prepare the children for returning to school in the fall.

The Guilford Public School Before and After School Care Program
 is managed by the Guilford Center for Children. The TGF funding is directed to their full and partial tuition assistance to families in need.

Beincasa offers a Community Scholars to Workers program using a farm classroom to teach young people about sustainability and food injustice. The kids are given a rake and a shovel to learn about the cycle of growing food in our bioregion.

Download the Q3 2023 article of Guilford Event Magazine to learn more about The Guilford Foundation’s support for the education and well-being of the children in our community.


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