Basic Needs

July 14, 2014

Guilford Interfaith Volunteers Endowment Fund

Guilford Interfaith Volunteers (GIV) established this fund in 2014 to ensure that resources would exist forever to support their important work of providing critical basic need services to residents.

GIV is dedicated to “assisting Guilford residents in need of food, friendship and medical equipment.” They do this through four distinct programs:

1. Guilford Meals on Wheels, which provides a hot nutritious meal to ANY Guilford resident having significant difficulty preparing themselves a well-balanced meal.

2. Friendly Visiting, an outreach program that carefully matches volunteers with people wishing to enhance their quality of life through weekly “friend to friend” visits.

3. Charlie’s Closet, which accepts donations of used medical equipment, cleans and checks it for safety, then provides it to people in the community for a nominal $1 fee.

4. Guilford Food Bank, an effort managed jointly with the Town of Guilford to provide food to any Guilford resident in need.

In addition to providing an ongoing stream of annual funding, establishing an endowment fund offers other supporters of GIV another tool for supporting their agency, including as an option during estate planning. TGF is honored to partner with GIV to ensure that a permanent source of income exists to support their critical services to the most vulnerable in our community.

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