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July 1, 2024

John and Merri Hyman Fund for Sustainable Operations

John and Merri Hyman developed a love for Guilford over the years. Knowing the important role TGF plays in the community, John and Merri wanted to establish a designated charitable fund to provide sustainable operational support for The Guilford Foundation.

As residents for over two decades, John and Merri Hyman adore Guilford. John was born and raised in the area and found it not difficult to convince Merri (who had only lived in New York City) to give the “country” (her words) a try. Now, 20+ years later, they brave I-95 from their New York City home and are in town nearly every weekend plus vacations.

The Hymans have had long careers in the financial services industry in New York. John has primarily worked in investment management, leading those efforts for well-known investment banks and smaller investment advisory firms. Today, he is a Partner and Director of Investment Management for Cerity Partners, a large, New York-based Investment Advisory firm. Merri has primarily worked in leadership roles in risk management for global commercial and investment banks. Today, she is a Director of BNP Paribas, helping to manage the Bank’s North American risk profile. 

John and Merri have been active in giving back. John has served on the Board of The Guilford Foundation in a leadership capacity for most of his tenure and is currently Vice-Chairman. He is also a board member and Vice Chair of the Investment Committee for the College of William and Mary’s Business School Foundation. Merri has been a long-tenured volunteer at the ASPCA in New York and has been very active in working with organizations that mentor our military veterans as they transition from military roles to the private sector. 

Both are passionate about the meaningful contribution that The Guilford Foundation brings to the community. The John and Merri Hyman Fund for Sustainable Operations supports the necessary administration of TGF. Board members know all too well the benefit of having a superb team and operational flexibility. John & Merri hope that this fund will provide critical support to allow the Foundation to retain a best-in-class leadership team and help that team do what they do best while allowing future contributions to directly benefit those in need in the community. 

Additionally, they are members of the Legacy Circle, in which John and Merri pledged to include TGF in their estate planning.

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