July 14, 2023

Jane Rudner Fund for the Benefit of Shoreline Village CT

Family and friends knew Jane Rudner (1944 – 2017) to be feisty, inclusive, generous of spirit and time, and possess the courage of an independent mind.

She had a productive career as a psychiatric social worker, therapist, teacher, and ADD coach, focused on adults and children with emotional, cognitive, and developmental challenges. A proud moment for Jane was creating and organizing the Teen Pregnancy Center in New Haven for St. Raphael’s.In their later years, Jane and her husband, Mal, chose to move permanently to their summer home in Madison. They were strong supporters of the Village movement, which aims to keep seniors living independently and comfortably in their homes for as long as they desire.

Bob Jaeger, former president of SVCT, said, “Jane saw the Village as a great way to make new friends, so she joined and then threw herself passionately into our effort. She joined the board, became Vice President, and became an indispensable resource in helping the Village think through big questions about what we want to be and how to communicate our story. She was smart, generous, energetic, and results-oriented.” In 2021, Mal created a designated endowment fund to provide financial support to Shoreline Village CT, which focuses on seniors in Branford, Guilford, and Madison.

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