GSB Sponsorship Partnership

A sponsorship partnership between The Guilford Foundation (TGF) and GSB (Guilford Savings Bank) developed out of the COVID-19. The pandemic caused the cancellation of so many 2020 events and activities that would have received funding from the bank and it left so many businesses, organizations, and residents struggling to fulfill basic needs.

The bank decided to repurpose about $100,000 worth of funds that might have gone to sponsor events and distribute them to four local community foundations, including $25,000 to TGF. The foundations provided a more direct link to those working on relief efforts at the height of the pandemic.

Since that decision in 2020, the bank realized the benefits of having the partnership, and the relationship has evolved. Originally the funds were used in TGF’s COVID-19 Recovery Fund to support families through the Women & Family Life Center and to support struggling non-profits. As those needs subsided, TGF applied the funds to other grant opportunities and increasingly to sponsorships.

In 2022, TGF helped to distribute $25,000 for GSB to at least 20 different organizations, with sponsorships ranging from $250 to $2,500. Among the recipients were social services agencies like the Community Dining Room and Clifford W. Beers Guidance Clinic; Guilford High School’s Project Graduation and TAPS (Theater Arts Parents Support); and organizations like the Guilford Keeping Society, Guilford Arts Center, and the Shoreline Arts Alliance. The SARAH Foundation, supporting individuals with differing abilities, and the Women & Family Life Center, helping women and children in crisis, are also among the regional beneficiaries of GSB’s sponsorships.

The partnership between TGF and GSB centers around shared priorities. Both the bank and the Foundation have identified priorities aimed at supporting families – particularly those struggling with basic needs, mental health concerns, or education. Other hallmarks of the Guilford community – arts and culture, the natural environment, senior citizen engagement, and social justice – are important concerns for both organizations.

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The Guilford Foundation is grateful for the collaboration with GSB.  They are a trusted partner that is committed to helping the Guilford community thrive.

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