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December 13, 2023

Jonathan & Nancy Bishop Fund for Musical Opportunities for Youth

Jonathan and Nancy Bishop established this donor-advised fund in 2023 to support musical opportunities for young people. They realize the important role music has played in their lives and hope to nurture a lifelong love of music for children and youth in Guilford.

Both Jonathan and Nancy were musicians during their school years and Jonathan has continued to play several instruments. With their interest in music and education, they wanted to create a charitable fund that combines both. Their hope is to support young people under the age of 21 involved in the performance of music, as well as to encourage all to develop an appreciation of music.

The needs that the fund can address are ever-changing and varied, while reaching both individuals and groups. Examples range from an individual young person receiving support for music lessons and/or instrument rentals to a group being funded to attend a musical performance in New York or a summer music camp.

The goal of the Jonathan and Nancy Bishop Fund for Musical Opportunities for Young People at The Guilford Foundation is simply to enrich young people’s lives through musical experiences.

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