Archive for Basic Needs

Catardi Family Loaves & Fishes Fund

Anita Catardi established this restricted fund in 2014 to create a permanent source of funding for the two local organizations that provide food for those in need in Guilford: the Guilford Food Bank and the St. George Food Pantry.

Amy D. Jaffe Fund for the Benefit of the Emergency Discretionary Fund at the Women & Family Life Center

Amy and David Jaffe established this designated fund in 2021 to support the Emergency Discretionary Fund at the Women & Family Life Center.

Women & Family Life Center Agency Endowment Fund

This is our first designated agency endowment fund established by W&FL as a permanent income source. It also offers their donors another tool to support the organization.

Saint George Knights of Columbus Fund for Children In Need

In 2012, the Saint George Knights of Columbus established this designated fund to provide annual funding to the Guilford Social Services Department to support children in need.

Virgil & Elizabeth McDaniel Fund

As a former president of The Guilford Foundation, Dan McDaniel established an unrestricted fund, knowing that providing most flexibility to respond to changing community needs.

Stanley Page Fund

To honor a very active community member, Stanley Page, the family established an unrestricted funds to allow the Foundation to respond to evolving community needs.