Archive for Community Improvement & Vitality

Chris & Carl Balestracci Jr. Community Fencing Fund

Chris and Carl Balestracci started fencing at the same time in 1976. Chris was a freshman at Guilford High School with no fencing experience, and he came home to ask his dad to be the faculty advisor for the team because they didn’t have a coach. Carl was the Coach/Faculty advisor for the next 12 years until 1988. He also served as President of the CT Fencing Association for several years. During his tenure, the GHS team won several State Team Championships and they had many individual Champions as well.

Patricia W. Jaeger Fund

Pat and Bob Jaeger established this designated fund in 2016 to provide permanent resources to support the operations of The Guilford Foundation and music programming at the library.

Susan and Lou Weady Fund

This designated fund supports fund supports the Guilford Agricultural Society and their focus on Guilford’s agrarian legacy.

Virgil & Elizabeth McDaniel Fund

As a former president of The Guilford Foundation, Dan McDaniel established an unrestricted fund, knowing that providing most flexibility to respond to changing community needs.

Norma & Arthur Hall Fund

This designated fund honors dedicated Guilford citizens Norma and Arthur Hall by giving to the VNA and to the TGF General Fund.

Stanley Page Fund

To honor a very active community member, Stanley Page, the family established an unrestricted funds to allow the Foundation to respond to evolving community needs.