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Effie Good Fund

A great philanthropist, Effie Good was a lifelong resident how loved Guilford. In 2006, an unrestricted fund was set up to support her her goal of keeping things local.

Joan & Barry Richter Fund

Long-time resident, the Richters established an unrestricted to give the Foundation flexibility to respond to the evolving needs of Guilford and its residents.

David W. Knapp Fund

David Knapp, longtime Guilford resident, established the David W. Knapp Fund in 2016. It’s unrestricted so it can be directed towards existing and future needs of the town.

Mancini Family Fund

Jim and Liz Mancini established the Mancini Family Fund at The Guilford Foundation in 2016 to ensure that resources will always be available to help those in our community with basic needs.

Eleanor Little Fund

Eleanor Little was an amazing woman. Born in 1885, she lived to the age of 100 and proved to be a highly successful career woman in an era that offered few opportunities to women. In her memory, an unrestricted fund was established to support Guilford and it’s emerging needs.

Virgil & Elizabeth McDaniel Fund

As a former president of The Guilford Foundation, Dan McDaniel established an unrestricted fund, knowing that providing most flexibility to respond to changing community needs.

Stanley Page Fund

To honor a very active community member, Stanley Page, the family established an unrestricted funds to allow the Foundation to respond to evolving community needs.

Guilford Foundation General Fund

The Guilford Foundation General Fund is an unrestricted fund that affords us the flexibility to respond to the needs of the Guilford Community.