"'Evelyn' called to say thank you. 'I called every agency I could think of. They all told me the same thing; we can't help you... You didn't say that. I was so afraid for my family, but now I know we will be OK. Thanks to your staff, we are getting the help we need.' Thanks to the Guilford Foundation, the Women & Family Life Center has begun a much-needed expansion of our Guided Referral program. Last year, with the Foundation's support, we helped 400 families find a path through their most difficult life situations."

–Peggy Britt, Executive Director, Women & Family Life Center

We’re dedicated to improving the quality of life in Guilford, CT.

Our Mission: The Mission of the Guilford Foundation is to “connect people who care with causes that matter to them” to enrich the quality of life in Guilford; now and for generations to come.

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“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”

–Edmund Burke