Archive for Environment & Sustainability

Alison Varian Memorial Scholarship Fund

In memory of Alison Varian, an avid boater and fisherman, this scholarship is given to students who want to pursue careers in aquaculture, fisheries or marine science.

The Livia Jacobs Seashore Fund

To share a gift of Guilford deeply cherished by lifelong resident Livia Ann Jacobs, her family established The Livia Jacobs Seashore Fund in December, 2017.

Michael B. and Maryann Bracken Family Fund

Michael and Maryann Bracken are long time residents of Guilford and established a fund to support their deep appreciation for the shoreline.

Virgil & Elizabeth McDaniel Fund

As a former president of The Guilford Foundation, Dan McDaniel established an unrestricted fund, knowing that providing most flexibility to respond to changing community needs.

Stanley Page Fund

To honor a very active community member, Stanley Page, the family established an unrestricted funds to allow the Foundation to respond to evolving community needs.