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Jonathan & Nancy Bishop Fund for Musical Opportunities for Youth

Jonathan and Nancy Bishop established this donor-advised fund in 2023 to support musical opportunities for young people. They realize the important role music has played in their lives and hope to nurture a lifelong love of music for children and youth in Guilford.

Guilford Youth Mentoring Education Fund

This is a restricted scholarship fund that supports high school students who participated in the Guilford Youth Mentoring Program.

Jane Rudner Fund for the Benefit of Shoreline Village CT

Family and friends knew Jane Rudner (1944 – 2017) to be feisty, inclusive, generous of spirit and time, and possess the courage of an independent mind.

The Delaney Fund

Delaney Lundberg (Dee) has been very involved in The Guilford Foundation. She is a current Ambassador, and served on the Board of Directors from 2013 to 2019 and Chair of the Governance Committee for several years. Dee set up a fund, understanding the value of perpetual giving.

Guilford ABC College Education Fund

A Better Chance began in 1963 as an innovative experiment designed to expand educational opportunities for talented minority students.

Robert Blake Memorial Fund for the Benefit of Guilford ABC

This permanent charitable fund was established in 2018 in memory of Dr. Robert F. Blake, a longtime resident of Guilford who passed away in 2017. The Robert Blake Memorial Fund for the Benefit of Guilford A Better Chance supports The Guilford ABC Scholarship Fund.

Ethan Miller Song Fund

Kristin and Mike Song established the Ethan Miller Song Fund in 2018. This donor advised fund serves as a lasting memorial to Ethan Song, who passed away tragically on January 31, 2018.

Barbara Pine Memorial Fund for the Benefit of Guilford A Better Chance

This permanent legacy fund was established in 2018 to honor the life of Barbara Ann Pine and her dedication to the Guilford A Better Chance, Inc. program (Guilford ABC). Barbara passed away on June 28th , 2017.

Grass Island Fund

This designated fund provides a permanent funding resources to maintain and protect Grass Island and it’s iconic red “shack.”

Guilford Keeping Society Endowment Fund

The Board of Directors of the Guilford Keeping Society (GKS) established this permanent, designated fund in 2017 to ensure a perpetual annual income for the programs and services of GKS.