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Donors create funds to support causes that matter while delivering long-lasting impact.

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Giving is easy through our online donor portal. We have many options, including making an unrestricted gift that gives TGF the flexibility to use where it is most needed. Donors can also select one of our existing charitable funds created by community members in support of an area of interest or specific nonprofit organization or they can create their own fund.

You are encouraged to donate to those funds whose causes resonate. Click on the donate button at the bottom of the fund to be taken to TGF’s donation portal.

There are four types of funds.

  • Unrestricted Funds gives TGF flexibility to support the most important current and future needs.
  • Designated Funds are earmarked for a specific nonprofit organization or purpose
  • Donor Advised Funds allow the donor to actively manage the use of their gift
  • Scholarship Funds enable the donor to establish award parameters while the high school counseling department manages the application process and candidate recommendation

Unrestricted donations support the overall mission of the Foundation and do not have a specific use required for spending. They allow the organization the freedom of discretionary spending, and they are essential financial resources contributing to the effective operation of a nonprofit organization

Anyone can create a fund supporting causes or organizations for which are meaningful to them or to honor a friend or loved one. The minimum donation to establish a fund is $10,000, which can be given over five years through our Acorn program. Click here to learn more. How do I create my own fund?

In aggregate, all of the charitable funds create our endowment. We work with the investment professionals at the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven (CFGNH) to preserve and grow our endowment. TGF’s individual funds are pooled and invested in a diversified portfolio managed by CFGNH.

The field of interest or organizations a fund supports should align with causes that matter to the donor. The Guilford Foundation will not award grants to/for: debt reduction, endowments, individuals, lobbying, political organizations and campaigns, or replace government funding sources.

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Create a fund to support the causes closest to your heart and leave a lasting mark.
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